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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Contrails of Life

I love going out for a nice evening walk when it is cold and the skies are clear.  I heard that familiar distant rumble that told me that there would be lines in the sky to be found.  Looking up I saw the glint of the hurdling craft...beautiful white lines trailing from behind. At first fine and tight, but as they are left behind they begin to billow and fade...the source of their original fire having moved on.

Born from the condensing moisture brought to life withing the fiery energy of the jet engine, the contrail, in all it's beauty, is but a reminder of the heat and life that has since departed.

We all have contrails in our lives...billowy reminders of those things that have at one time burned with such heat and passion, only to see them either burn out or move on without us.

Whether it is a personal goal or relationships past and present, contrails are always there.  How do we avoid the contrails of life? We can stay up with the source of that fire...hang on tight and never let go.

I have such goals and plans for this year...and as much as I love contrails in the sky, I hope to have few in my life this year...


Barbara Shallue said...

What a great comparison, Lynn! I'll never look at them the same way. Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement to hang on to my sources of fire! I'm wishing us both luck!


Thanks Barb...sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we do lose that for which our passion burns, but then is the time we have to remember the good and look day at a time.

Thanks again,
-- L²

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