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Saturday, February 19, 2011

On The Porch With The Pup...

I love mornings like this morning! Cool, crisp, and vibrant...not that it started that way.  No, it started warm and snuggled in my bed, dreaming about things I love to dream about...then comes the [poke poke]  in the back...and the sounds of paws pushing at the crate door. Then I hear the voice attached to the [pokes] saying, "I think she needs to go out..."

Now, just being honest, my first thought was....well, I can't say what they were but suffice to say I was less than excited about getting up at that point.  Hindsight though, I am glad I did.

Snickers and I went out, the sun just coming up over the rooftops to the east, and after she completed her "business" we sat on the porch and just with my coffee, her with her ever present curiosity.


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lowries2 said...

Poke - poke - I love your pictures:-) Aren't you glad I poked you? You would have missed this special time with your baby!

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